The story

A lot of fun travelling with this Multistada V4 Rally!

It was in Nice, at Rosso Motos, that I picked up the Multistrada Rally. Designated by Moto Magazine for the Touring Special Edition, to be the first participant in this 60,000Km European Tour, my mission is to deliver it to Besancon in the Doubs in 8 days with at least 2000 additional kilometers on the clock. At the end of April, I hoped the weather would be on my side to test this big adveneure bike, but that wasn’t the case. As you’ll see, I ended up testing the Mutlistrada in practically all conditions. Leaving Nice, I quickly head towards the hinterland towards the Col du Turini when a violent storm forces me to turn back. I make a U-turn and head in the opposite direction. Gorges de la Vésubie, Col de Saint Martin, Vallée de la Tinée, Gorges du Cian, the tiny mountain roads follow one after the other, and I discover a Multistrada has incredibly natural handling, with a perfectly balanced compromise between comfort and precision. But now it’s the snow that forces me to turn back just before Barcelonette. So, I spend my day playing in temperatures close to zero, playing hide and seek with the big clouds, and sometimes even riding on snow… Helped by somewhat optimistic weather forecasts, I quickly realized that I made a bit of a mistake in my choice of clothing… That’s where I appreciate the heated seat and grips. These will be two precious allies throughout my road trip.

I’ll spend three days in Provence-Côte-d’Azur exploring the beautiful roads that the south of France has to offer. Col de l’Espigoulier with its magnificent view of Marseille, the ascent of Le Beausset with its arrival at the Paul Ricard circuit, the small villages of Haut-Var, the Gorges du Verdon and its lakes, a pure delight with dry roads where I could fully appreciate the availability of the Multistrada’s engine but also a well-defined character that I quite enjoy!

It’s time, on the fourth day, to change regions, heading towards Ardèche. The Luberon and then Mont Ventoux, still on the small departmental roads, are covered in the morning. It’s sunny, but the wind starts to blow strongly as I approach the Rhône valley. As expected, the wind blows in strong gusts for 50 kilometers. Well protected behind the fairing and the big tank, I head towards Vallon-Pont-D’Arc passing through the famous Gorges de l’Ardèche with well-defined curves and flawless asphalt. The Multi rides fast, glued to the ground with its chassis and suspension operating flawlessly. I relish in enjoying the precise front end and the engine torque to pull me out of each turn. A real delight.

For day five, I decided to continue my journey towards Auvergne. The gorges of Altier lead me to the Villefort dam. It’s zero degrees, but the sun is there to warm up the atmosphere. As I enter the Lot valley towards Mende, small snowflakes start to appear. It’s going to snow like this until Clermont-Ferrand where I’m staying tonight. I’ve added another layer of technical clothing, so I’m less affected by the cold and fully enjoy this day through the magnificent landscapes offered by the Auvergne’s departmental roads. A true pleasure.

The next day, it’s no longer snowing, but the temperatures are negative. I head east. The goal is to reach the Vercors tonight. I cut through Auvergne, towards Ambert and then Forez, to reach Saint-Étienne and enter the Parc Régional du Pilat via the Col de la Croix Chaubouret. But to my surprise, one kilometer from the summit, I find myself riding on snow with tires dedicated 100% to the road. At low speed, in first gear, I reach the summit not without great relief. I continue my day exploring Northern Ardèche and cross the Rhône once again towards Saint-Martin en Vercors. And it’s snow that welcomes me once again on the last climb.

It snows like this all night, but to my surprise, the next day the roads seem to be clear while mountains and fields are covered in a beautiful white coat. I first reach the Col du Rousset and then Vassieux en Vercors with its memorial and Resistance museum. Despite the cold, I enjoy it immensely. I’m practically alone on the road. I pass a few cars, and I understand, from their expression as we pass each other, that they wonder what a motorcyclist is doing on these icy roads. But the scenery is so beautiful! It’s passing through the Col de Chaux that I’ll prove them right. The descent is mostly in the shade, and the snowplows have left some snow patches on the road. It’s minus 4 degrees… I’ll reach Combe Laval and its magnificent viewpoint at a reduced speed but without any major scares. I end this excursion in the Vercors Park with the magnificent canyon of the Gorges du Nan. I then continue to the Chartreuse via the Col du Granier, the Col du Grand Colombier with its breathtaking view of Lake Bourget, as well as the slopes of the Savoy vineyards to end my day in Bugey and Val d’Amby.

It’s the last day of this road trip; I have to be in Besançon this afternoon to return the Multistrada to Moto Box 25 dealership. This final stage mostly takes place in the rain, but I’m fine. I enjoy the qualities of the Rally as I ride up the beautiful Ain valley, then through Jura via Clairvaux-les-Lacs and Arbois, and I take great pleasure in riding it in these conditions.

After 2,873 kilometers of small roads and splendid landscapes, I really enjoyed traveling with the Multistrada Rally. Despite some apprehensions regarding all the onboard electronics and its impressively performing engine, I discovered a motorcycle capable of combining comfort and performance, a motorcycle that offers both character and consideration for its rider.

A road trip that will remain one of my best moments on a motorcycle.

My best moment? There isn’t one. Over the 2,873 kilometers of small roads with various surfaces that I was able to take during this road trip, I enjoyed everything, I had a blast. At every turn, with every new landscape, I found pleasure. It was pure joy to ride, without thinking about anything, just enjoying every moment and the touring capabilities of the Rally. And despite sometimes dreadful weather conditions, I think the Multistrada contributed greatly to the enjoyment I had during these 8 days!

I only knew the Multistrada V2. I had also been able to test the Panigale and Streetfighter with this engine. I remembered the V4 that was incredibly powerful, which I found hard to imagine in an adventure bike.

That was my first surprise. The 1158 cc V4 proved to be smooth, docile, easy to use at low revs. Certainly, as soon as you twist the throttle, it changes its demeanor and shows incredible strength. Well assisted by electronics that are completely unobtrusive, the Multistrada is capable of traveling calmly or riding more sportily when you desire.

It is further assisted by a chassis that combines comfort and precision. This electronically controlled suspension allow you to tailor the bike to your liking, but I personally found that the settings saved in automatic mode were perfect, and I practically made this whole journey without adjusting anything.

As for protection, there’s not much to complain about. The seat is welcoming, especially when you engage the heating position when the cold sets in. You are well protected behind the windscreen/fairing/tank assembly, and the cleverly designed closure flaps on the side scoops allow you to enjoy the engine’s warmth when the temperature drops.

In conclusion, the Multistrada V4S Rally is truly an excellent bike tailored for travel. With the character of a Ducati, of course!

2600 km
9 days
Challenges 3/5
The stages

The stages

Find day after day the different stages and especially the GPX tracks that you can download

Day 1

Nice (FR) - Tourtour (FR) Estimations : 324 km

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Day 2

Tourtour (FR) - Tourtour (FR) Estimations : 290 km

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Day 3

Tourtour (FR) - Tourtour (FR) Estimations : 279 km

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Day 4

Tourtour (FR) - Saint-Remèze (FR) Estimations : 298 km

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Day 5

Banne (FR) - Sauxillanges (FR) Estimations : 304 km

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Day 6

Sauxillanges (FR) - Saint-Martin-en-Vercors (FR) Estimations : 355 km

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Day 7

Saint-Martin-en-Vercors (FR) - Tignieu -Jameyzieu (FR) Estimations : 317 km

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Day 8

Tignieu -Jameyzieu (FR) - Tignieu -Jameyzieu (FR) Estimations : 226 km

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Day 9

Tignieu -Jameyzieu (FR) - Franois (FR) Estimations : 205 km

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